Gaggiarone is a still red wine obtained from croatina with great personality, potential for aging and unique characteristics that have fascinated important figures like Gianni Brera and Luigi Veronelli.

This prestigious cru takes its name from a vineyard on a steep incline that has a south-westerly exposure, with soils of clay mixed with tuff. The extreme difficulty of the work has been repaid by the excellent quality of the grapes.

«The garnished red color is full and bright; the bouquet full with fragrances, wide and pleasing. The elegant scents of red fruit (cherry) are inviting and persistent, combined with fine hints of bitter almond. The mouthfeel is powerful and charming.»

“L’ascolto del vino” – Paolo Massobrio e Marco Gatti

Deep garnet. The wine has several varied olfactory nuances.

Deep ruby red. The olfactory nuances are fruity, spicy, a bit toasted.

Deep purple red with violet nuances.

They say about us
«I had never praised a still Bonarda. I do it today for Gaggiarone 2007 produced by Annibale Alziati. Alziati means about ten hectares of croatina, barbera and uva rara and a “clamorous” garnet wine obtained from an ancient and extreme ripening of grapes. There are great wines in Oltrepò.»

“I GIORNI del vino” – Paolo Massobrio

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